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Luck Hock Guia Touring Car Race Macau

Macau, Macau

Date: 24/11/1991
Track length: 6.117 m
Attendance: unknown
Entries accepted: unknown
Starters: unknown
Finishers: unknown

Pole position: Pirro
Fastest lap: unknown

Distance: 30 laps
Average speed: 142,4 kmh
Weather: unknown
Ruleset: Group A, DTM
Car info:  


Last years’ Nissan victory had not been left unnoticed. This year, they were welcomed by a weight penalty of 140 kg; furthermore, refuelling was not allowed anymore. The German guests were allowed to race with the DTM rule set, which allowed more powerful engines and bigger wheels. Domingos Piedade of AMG had promised to enter at least one countryman: so Ni Amorim partnered Thiim and Ludwig. Schnitzer BMW countered with Ravaglia, Pirro and Winkelhock. Apart from the Nissan, the rest of the field consisted of elderly Sierra’s, Supras, Corollas and a few customer Schnitzer M3s - they had sold something like 20 cars in the Far East.

One of them was not such a good idea afterwards. In second practice, Winston Mak changed lane on the straight to pass a Corolla trundling on the horizon. But he hit Winkelhock, who was passing Mak at a considerable speed. Winkelhock was sandwiched between Mak and the armco, took off, flew a few meters along the rails, came back on the track and crashed frontal into the barriers. The impact was such that the car moved rearwards, only to crash again. It happened so fast that the Toyota and the privateer BMW could not keep up, instead they arrived just in time for both of them to crash into the poor Schnitzer car. Driver OK, car a write-off. The pole for Pirro was only a slight consolation.

The castration of the Nissan had gone a little far: it was just enough for one quick lap and an early lead, but nothing more. Pirro took the lead in lap two and won duly. But behind him, the fight of the race lasted for 10 laps between Thiim and Winkelhock. The Schnitzer mechanics had done the impossible and made a racing car out of the wreck. Unfortunately, Winkelhock had to give up with a very painful wrist after a truly heroic drive. AMG team-mates Thiim and Ludwig came second and third.

Division 1, 2 and 3
Pos Pos in class # Team / Entrant
Car- Engine
Drivers, Nationality Engine
vol. (cc)
Group Distance,
Qualifying position Qualifying time Fastest lap Reason out,
1 1 6 Watson’s Team Schnitzer
BMW M3 Sport Evo
Emanuele Pirro, I
2492 L4 DTM 30 laps, 1:17.15,29 1      
2 2 11 AMG Motorenbau GmbH/Zung Fu
Mercedes 190 E 2.5-16 Evo II
Kurt Thiim, DK
2488 L4 DTM 30 laps, 1:17.17,04 4      
3 3 9 AMG Motorenbau GmbH/Zung Fu
Mercedes 190 E 2.5-16 Evo II
Klaus Ludwig, D
2488 L4 DTM 30 laps, 1:17.39,61 5      
4 1 1 Hasemi Motorsport
Nissan Skyline GT-R BNR32
Masahiro Hasemi, J
2568 tc L6 Div. 3 30 laps, 1:19.09,55 2      
5 4 10 AMG Motorenbau GmbH/Zung Fu
Mercedes 190 E 2.5-16 Evo II
Ni Amorim, P
2488 L4 DTM 30 laps, 1:19.10,83 9      
6 2 3 JC & HKS
Nissan Skyline GT-R BNR32
Yukihiro Hane, J
2568 tc L6 Div. 3 29 8      
7 5 18 Auto Tech Racing
BMW M3 Sport Evo
Roland Ratzenberger, A
2492 L4 DTM 28 10      
8 1 37 TOM's
Toyota Corolla AE92
Kaoro Hoshino, J
1587 L4 Div. 1 27        
9 2 36 TOM's
Toyota Corolla AE92
Masanori Sekiya, J
1587 L4 Div. 1 27        
    5 Car Center Racing
Ford Sierra RS 500 Cosworth
Paul Chan, HK
1993 tc L4 Div. 3 26 18      
Henry Lee Jr, HK
2332 L4 Div. 2   11?     Spin
Toyota Corolla AE92
Johnny Wong, HK
1587 L4 Div. 1          
BMW M3 Sport Evo
Kevin Wong, HK
2492 L4 DTM?          
BMW M3 Sport Evo
Charles Kwan, HK
2492 L4 DTM?          
    16 Trampio
Toyota Corolla AE92
Saksirivetkul Kajohnsak, T
1587 L4 Div. 1         Spin
2332 L4 Div. 2          
DNF   8 Watson’s Team Schnitzer
BMW M3 Sport Evo
Roberto Ravaglia, I
2492 L4 DTM   6     Accident
DNF   7 Watson’s Team Schnitzer
BMW M3 Sport Evo
Joachim Winkelhock, D
2492 L4 DTM   3     Gave up (injury from practice crash)
DNF   28 Car Center Racing
Ford Sierra RS 500 Cosworth
Carlos Rodriguez, P
1993 tc L4 Div. 3         Started from pit lane
DNF   2  
Nissan Skyline GT-R BNR32
Mark Skaife, AUS
2568 tc L6 Div. 3   7     Ignition; pit stop
Winston Mak, HK
2332? L4 Div. 2