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Second Time Around - 1984 index

1984 was the year of Jaguar. Mostly, three cars were entered. They were easily the most powerful cars, so the driver's champion would drive a Jaguar. Opposition were numerous BMW's, too slow but reliable. Alternatives cames from Rover (disappointing in 1984) and a strong charge came from Volvo, especially after the homologation of water injection (!). Division 2 would be a whitewash for Alfa Romeo, since the only other competitive car, a BMW 323i never won. Division 1 was left to the privateers, a Danish trio with a Toyota Corolla GT was the most succesfull.

Since Jaguar even managed to homologate a higher valve lift, the battle on the green table did not take place at all. Perhaps wise, since most other competitors were probably not 100% correct as well.

Yet again, the driver's challenge was exciting, and only at the penultimate round Walkinshaw was crowned. And perhaps the most surprising fact of 1984: Jaguar won the Spa 24h...

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