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The 1982 season, the first of the Group A years, started out with BMW as clear favourites in division 3, Alfa Romeo and Audi would battle in division 2, division 1 was often filled with local drivers.

BMW Motorsport, together with Eggenberger, developed a kit for the BMW 528i, of which some 20 were sold. Not a very powerful car, but reliable and hardly challenged. When the Jaguar XJ-S became reliable and fast, BMW lost the manufacturers title to Alfa Romeo, who thanks to a great engine mostly held the upper hand against the underpowered Audi coupé's.

Drivers champions became Kelleners and Grano, Kelleners providing the speed whereas Grano paid the bills, thanks to their great start in the championship. As early as round 8 they were crowned.

Now this could mean that the 1982 ETCC was not exciting. Quite the contrary: the manufacturers title was decided on the last round, and most races were decided with narrow margins.

In 1983, Jaguar would be a force to be reckoned with; a low-key start to the 1982 season, but the last two races were completely dominated by TWR. BMW would have to think again...

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