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It's The End Of The World As We Know It - 1969 index

With the Group 5 rules of Britain and the rest of Europe were more or less the same now, the last year of Group 5 started with works teams from BMW, Abarth and Alfa Romeo. Alas, they all had their own class and champion. The only real fight took place in Division 3; the other divisions were won by Abart and "Pam" and Alfa Romeo and Dini. In division 3, the BMW turned out a turbo version of the 2002; unreliable but spectacular and it would have a late shadow in 1973, when the production 2002 turbo started its ill-planned life; the oil crisis ended it too soon. The opposition was Porsche with its 911, but instead of a works team it was to the privateers to develop the cars; Hezemans' wide rear wheels were hastily copied at the Nürburgring 6 hours by some of his opponents. In the end, the atmospheric works- and Alpina 2002 helped the turbo to win championship for BMW and Quester.

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